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Dr. Albert Pang

Today eyestrain affects millions of Americans and in this digital age children are now, more than ever, at greater risk for issues with their vision. Dr. Pang will discuss the latest advancements in corrective vision procedures and practices including non-surgical therapy options. Dr. Pang educates audiences on how to protect their eyes from digital damage and offers important tips essential to vision health. Citing first-hand experience, Dr. Pang shares stories and lessons learned from an ophthalmologist’s point of view.


Cerebrum Health Centers

Traumatic brain injuries ranging from concussions to PTSD to chronic migraines can have a devastating effect on our daily lives.  Every day the experts at Cerebrum Health Centers are discovering and implementing new ways to approach neuro-healing and improve function in patients’ lives.  You’ll be visited by one of the expert Doctors of Cerebrum Health Centers who will share their knowledge on innovative medical procedures being used to unlock the mysteries of the human brain.  Find out about gait analysis, balance training programs and videonystagmography.  Learn about exciting new advancements in medical therapy and discover how Cerebrum Health Centers offers a haven of healing for broken brains and tired hopes.


Donna Arp Weitzman

 Life is not a fairytale and it doesn’t have to be! Donna dispels the “Fairytale Myth” and gives a reality of life’s ups and downs that is inspiring. 

Whether you’re looking to solidify your relationship with your significant other or to conquer the corporate world, Dr. Donna Arp Weitzman can consult you in an effective game plan. A powerhouse blend of business savvy and bravado, Dating and Relationship Expert Dr. Donna Arp Weitzman shares her razor-sharp wit and hilarious but oh-so-insightful social commentary skills on love and how to salvage relationships.

Author of Cinderella Has Cellulite and Other Musings from a Last Wife as well as Sex and the Siren: Tales of a Later Dater, Donna takes a riotous look at relationships, especially second or beyond marriages and the intricate dance of personalities, love and romance and how to make it all last.

Armed with a Harvard degree in business and Master Degree in Counseling, Donna strives to spotlight the importance of empowering women to achieve greatness, assume leadership and pioneer roles in the workplace.



If you have a business problem, think of Jerry as the man with all the answers! Jerry Acuff has over thirty years of experience in speaking and consulting extensively on the issues of sales and marketing excellence. His breadth and depth of experience and expertise has led to numerous awards and recognition including being named one of the 50 Best Salespeople of all time and one of the Top 10 Sales Experts in the world (according to Jerry doesn’t believe in a pushy and aggressive approach to sales. Author of Stop Acting Like a Seller, Start Thinking Like a Buyer, Jerry Acuff educates us on how to build, manage, maintain and leverage relationships that can attract a 7-figure income.


Lindsey Harrison

Referred to as the Millennial Marketer, Lindsey Harrison, Founder of It Crowd Marketing, is a master of marketing to millennials.  Millennials spend more freely than any other generation and as a company or business owner, it’s imperative we understand how to communicate with this generation of spenders.  Lindsey will discuss cutting-edge brand and marketing strategies, business tactics and techniques that are capable of grabbing the attention of a generation with only a 5-6second attention span.  At the same time, she will spotlight businesses who are utilizing millennial marketing strategies effectively and will highlight the importance of these industry disruptors and why millennials are lending an empathetic ear to their campaigns.


Bobby Albert

Only a few people know bone-deep “who they are”, but most people wish they did.  Bobby Albert shares how one simple question became the catalyst that transformed his leadership into Values Driven Leadership. He’ll reveal questions to help you discover your personal values and how you can achieve significance as you influence others based on your values. Discover why Outward Success is an Inside Job!



A sought after international speaker, Biswas asks: What is the business impact of inclusion and respect in the workplace? Her message has been received with widespread acclaim across the world. She connects with equal impact in large corporate settings, global conference and educational institutions. Emotional intelligence, particularly self-awareness and interpersonal skills, are integral to her personal and professional evolution. Multiple keynote topics include “Boldly Shattering Tired Stereotypes, Unleashing the Power of Diversity, Miserably Successful No More, The Impact of Executive Presence on Brand, The Five Judgments: How Stereotyping and Bias are Born and How Critical Emotional Intelligence is for Success.