Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Harry H. Harrison Jr.

Happiness is the Enemy of Excellence

Is my child Happy? As parents and grandparents, we’re constantly concerned about the well-being and emotional disposition of our children. Harry H. Harrison Jr. is here to tell us why we’ve got our priorities all wrong. New York Times Bestselling Author and Parenting Expert Harry H. Harrison Jr. is on a mission to Raise Parents, who can in turn; raise smart, well-adjusted, and self-respecting children.  In this discussion, Harry dispels the myth that Happiness is the most important aspect of childhood.  Harry is calling on all parents to redirect their focus and STOP being concerned with happiness, and to START being concerned with our children’s road to excellence.  Find out Why Happiness is the Enemy of Excellence and what we, as parents, can do to combat the indisputable truth behind the happiness misconception.




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