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Jerry Acuff

Start Thinking Like a Buyer

People love to buy. Unfortunately for anyone in sales, people hate being sold. They hate feeling like they’ve been convinced to buy something or tricked into a purchase—even if they want what you’re selling.  That’s why increasing sales is harder than ever, and that’s why you have to change the way you operate if you want to sell more. This easy sales strategy takes a revolutionary perspective on the art of selling: Knowing how to sell isn’t enough.  You need to learn to think like a buyer and understand the buying process and what your customers want. Jerry Acuff has over thirty years of experience in speaking and consulting extensively on the issues of sales and marketing excellence. His breadth and depth of experience and expertise has led to numerous awards and recognition including being named one of the 50 best salespeople of all time and as one of the top 10 sales experts in the world (according to



  • Building relationships for business success
  • Asking the right questions to discover common ground
  • Building trust, not undermining it

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