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Lindsey Harrison

Entrepreneur & Millennial Expert

Serial Entrepreneur, Lindsey Harrison is a seasoned veteran to starting and selling businesses.  A card-carrying Texan, Lindsey grew up in Plano, an affluent suburb of Dallas. While other millennials were grappling with the generation’s stereotypical angst, Lindsey was eager to get going and make a name for herself through hard work, passion, and dedication. In 2014, she founded It Crowd Marketing, a fractional marketing agency. Lindsey has been positioned as a national marketing expert and regularly gives speeches as well as radio and tv interviews based on current events across the United States.  She also participates and gives seminars in coordination with micro loan programs around the world to teach and promote business ownership to climb out of poverty. If you’ve always wanted to be part of the “it crowd”, consider yourself IN. Lindsey and her team are ready to jump right in and help you achieve your goals … just say the word!



  • Millennials and Gen Z generational characteristics
  • How to allow millennials to be leaders without micro-managing
  • Balancing fun and productivity in the workplace

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