Speakers In Every Category

Public speaking is a popular marketing medium because it is so incredibly effective.  A President’s success hinges on their ability to effectively communicate, and now even the most reluctant CEO is compelled to polish their speaking skills for everything from board meetings to public events.

At Real News PR, we know that many of our clients want to be directly in front of their potential customers, and there is no better way to do that than through targeted public speaking. Our team can help write and coach an effective presentation, as well as book you to speak in front of audiences that will benefit your bottom line.

Training And Coaching

  • Identifying your charisma and individual speaker style
  • Speech organization and story-telling tips
  • Techniques and best speaking practices
  • Ability to test out new topics with immediate feedback
  • Strategies for increased audience engagement

Personalized Speaking Circuit

Having trouble finding a speaker circuit that suits your needs?  We can create a personalized event to highlight your message.  We’ll identify a theme, select the venue, and work with you to market the event to create a custom experience that will attract your desired audience.  Available options include:

  • Public Forum
  • Expert Panel
  • Personalized Keynote
  • Recurring Teleseminar

Venues Of All Types And Sizes

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-timer, we can locate and identify the best venue and desired demographic in which to deliver your targeted message. From local organizations to national conventions, we identify the size and style of venue that will help you reach your target audience.